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Many years ago, as I was starting out in private practice, I was struggling with what to call my business. The more I thought about it, the harder it got. It felt a bit like the more I tried, the more elusive it became. However, when I stopped trying so hard, giving my mind a rest, it came to me. Being.  

Often times when I’m working with clients I hear how much they, as well as me, want to “do” something, anything, to help others or ourselves. I hear about the constant drive to be moving, whether away from or towards something. I’m sure we can all relate to this in someway or another. A great example is rush-hour. Next time you’re stuck in traffic take a look to see how many cars are exiting to the off-ramps. It’s a natural drive to want to be moving. The thought is often that as long as I’m moving, I’m getting somewhere, and faster. While this may seem true, and may end up being true, it is unknown when the decision to do something is made.  

My thinking, in terms of anxiety or depression, is that sometimes it’s best to just be. Sitting down, taking stock of what is and what isn’t, what one has and one’s reality, while being still, can provide more relieve than feeing one must be in constant movement. We also can’t forget that being is still an action. The word be is a verb. It is an action, just like do. And to that end, Being felt like a perfect name for a therapy clinic where learning how to calm one’s minds, stop negative thoughts, and alleviate stress was going to be the focus.