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As a creative all too familiar with the suffering of creating, I often look to other stories for inspiration. For inspiration to move forward, to continue, to suffer and know it will pass. Most recently I found just that in the words of John Steinbeck. In his journal, we read about a man who, while writing one of the greatest American novels ever penned, doubted his ability (“assailed with my own ignorance and inability”), the meaning of his writing (“If only I wouldn’t take this book so seriously. It is just a book after all, and a book is very dead in a very short time. And I’ll be dead in a very short time too. So to hell with it.”), and motivation (“Where has my discipline gone?” he asks in August, “Have I lost control?”). This is a man, like all of us, who is suffering through the often depressing and arduous work of creating. Whether what you create is the next great American novel or ends up in the practice pile in the bin, the feelings are the same along the way. However, they can change. They can feel less overwhelming. And you can feel less alone. Call today to find out how!