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Stop The Hate

For years and years, going back well before my birth, all the way back to 1857, this country, the United States of America, has participated in intentional acts of hate towards the Asian community. In fact, it has sanctioned this hatred. This can be seen when the United States excluded Asian women because of “temptation for white men” and then excluded Asian men three years later.

And now, in 2021, we find this violence, bigotry, and dehumanization continue. Indeed, 150 years later, we saw our last administration continue to sanction hate and exclude members of the AAPI community. We saw people responding to the administration’s biased policies with hatred towards the AAPI community. And we saw and see people attacking those in the AAPI community with words and knives and guns.

The simple fact is that silence isn’t available. We cannot continue to watch the news at 10 and then go to bed. We can’t continue to sit idly by as members of the AAPI community, nay, all POC, are targeted with acts of hate, violence, bigotry, malice.

Being is a place of inclusion; believing those in the Asian community matter. Being believes all lives can’t matter until the lives of POC matter.

Being stands with the AAPI community.