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Sophie The Dog


Sophie The Dog is Being’s official greeter. With every opportunity to give licks, sniffs, and cuddles, she makes sure all feel at home. Sophie is a 60-pound Chocolate Labrador and Shar Pei mix. While she doesn’t move fast, she loves to “run” up to all who enter. And by “run,” we mean saunter.

Sophie is well trained, tolerant, and often knows just what you need. Other than in the sun, her favorite spot is lying down at your feet.

Sophie is also not offended if you don’t want her to be next to you. Her primary concern is making sure your experience at Being is as calming and therapeutic as possible.

pronouns: she/her




Sophie The Dog

“I have experience working with adolescents and older adults. I enjoy seeing human development across the lifespan and supporting clients throughout the changes in their lives. I work with clients living with depression, anxiety, trauma, and those struggling with isolation and other anxiety-related environmental factors due to the recent pandemic. I believe that all client experiences deserve to be honored.”

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