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Individual therapy

Individual therapy, or talk therapy, is the traditional form of therapy most people think of when they talk about therapy. In individual therapy, we will work on both developing techniques to gain control of negative thoughts as well as understanding from where those thoughts come. Through addressing the issues through both of these methods, we will treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, eating and weight issues, low self-esteem, trauma, and relationship issues.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-centered approach that aims to treat the somatic (body) symptoms of unresolved trauma; trauma as a result of sexual or physical abuse, emotional abuse, accidents, death, and more. While traditional talk therapies utilize the words of a person as the entry point for treatment, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy depends on the bodily experiences of the individual as a gateway to awareness and improved mental health.

Art Therapy

Art therapy, facilitated by a professional art therapist, is an integrative therapeutic method that combines art materials and creative processes with psychological theory to engage the brain, body, and spirit, without the need for words. Art therapy has been shown to reduce distress, promote insight and awareness of self and others, increase self-esteem, and foster resilience and coping skills in people of all ages and abilities who are challenged by medical issues, trauma, mental illness, social/relational difficulties, as well as those seeking personal growth.


Rule 114 qualified neutral and offers mediation to clients in need of a third party to discuss and try to resolve disputes.


Mindfulness is the simple, but not easy, process of intentionally being in the moment without judgment. Mindfulness has been shown and proven to help with anxiety, depression, stress, negative thoughts, food issues, poor self-esteem, and more.


Prepare & Enrich is premarital and marital assessment to provide couples feedback and resources to foster resilient relationships and marriages. 


Teletherapy is therapy, but through video conferencing. Exactly as we would create a helping and trusting relationship in the office, we would do the same via video. Just like you would FaceTime or Skype with friends or family, we will use VSee* to connect, regardless of where you are. And the same as if you were in the office, Teletherapy** is generally covered by your insurance (I will check with your insurance prior to our first appointment).


*VSee is HIPAA compliant, reliable, and safe. www.vsee.com. In addition to VSee, all you’ll need is either a computer or smartphone, reliable internet connection, and space that is quiet and feels safe to you. 

**Teletherapy isn’t a substitute to traditional face-to-face therapy.