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When asked about self-care, bubble baths, massages, or exercise often come to mind. While these are great examples, one of the key principles of self-care is missing: practice. To experience the benefits of self-care we need to practice it daily so it becomes an integrated part of our daily routine. It is especially important during times like these when we feel our external world is out of control. Fear and uncertainty have left us in disarray and disagreement. Let practicing self-care be something we can all agree on. The practice of self-care helps us regain clarity, contentment, and connection. Although it may seem impossible to add self-care to our already jammed packed schedules, it is important to remember the impact of habit. I recently read a book called, Atomic Habits by James Clear, recommended to me by a former client. According to Clear, “Habits seem to make little difference on any given day and yet the impact they deliver over the months and years can be enormous.” The daily practice of self-care creates a habit that positively impacts your life and overall wellness. If we do not prioritize ourselves, then what exactly are we doing? Skip the extra time scrolling on Instagram and more time Being. The practice of self-care lays the foundation of healthy habits that help us live more fully.

Lauren Paulson 
M.Phil.Ed., M.S.Ed,Therapist