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When we stop to think about tit, we all know being outside feels good. Living in Minnesota, enjoying the warm weather, especially after a frigid, snow-covered winter, we bask in the sun and soak up the feel-good energy of the sun. But now, science has something to say about this. 

In a massive research study that included 19,806 people, researchers found that being outside for just two hours a week were “significantly more likely to have good health and higher psychological wellbeing” than those who didn’t. This is incredible. With just two hours of outdoor time – whether split up or all at once – people can not just feel better, but actually be healthier. Nature, as many before including Hippocrates knew, has the power to heal. From mental health to physical health to soul health, being in nature has the power to transform. Interestingly, however, the “threshold” of two hours was important. Researchers found “individuals who spent between 1 and 119?mins in nature in the last week were no more likely to report good health or high well-being than those who reported 0?mins.”

Here’s a link to the original study

Remember to get outside, enjoy the summer, and bask in the healing of the sun!