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To create an inclusive, culturally aware, accepting, and knowledgable private practice that provides the highest levels of professional excellence and customer service. We offer integrative and trauma based therapy to adults and children, in pursuit of helping individuals, couples, and families heal from past wounds that are preventing them from living authentic, empowered, and love-infused lives. Our service approach is personalized and high-touch, making all clients feel like individuals whose stories and needs matter.

As part of our mission to provide the highest levels of excellence and service, we strive to maintain the following standards:

  • Phone calls from new and existing clients are returned within 24 hours
  • We treat all clients like individuals and tailor all aspects of their treatment to their individual needs
  • We offer a warm and inviting experience for clients every time they come in to the office
  • We make scheduling and paying for sessions as convenient as possible
  • We strive to help clients understand their medical benefits and payment options, by checking benefits prior to initial intake, and helping the client understand how to utilize their benefits to their advantage