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Kait Nolte

LGSW, Therapist


My goal is to provide a safe and supportive space where the people I work with feel seen, validated, and empowered to explore their innate capabilities for healing. Throughout our time together, I view my role as a co-pilot working with you to navigate your experiences, relationships, stressors, and the systems in which you live. I believe each of us has the capacity for wellbeing, which is sometimes best ignited through support, connection, and exploration. I have experience working with adults and families who are encountering the effects of depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, personality disorders, and shame and guilt.
I take a relational and trauma-informed approach to therapy that focuses on the whole person and work to identify how these experiences are showing up in the mind, body, and spirit. I utilize a variety of modalities to support you in reaching your goals.
My experience is rooted in community practice working with individuals who have encountered the criminal justice and child welfare systems, poverty, homelessness, and complex trauma. My space is open to people of all identities. You deserve to be seen and heard. If this feels like a space that might provide such an opportunity, I encourage you to reach out.
pronouns: she/her


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Kait Nolte

“I have experience working with adolescents and older adults. I enjoy seeing human development across the lifespan and supporting clients throughout the changes in their lives. I work with clients living with depression, anxiety, trauma, and those struggling with isolation and other anxiety-related environmental factors due to the recent pandemic. I believe that all client experiences deserve to be honored.”

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