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Jordan Schinas,


I have had a passion for the mind-body connection since I was young. I have known the benefits of activity on mental health, and I have had the opportunity to work in settings that have reinforced this belief. For years I believed I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy, and this provided me the experience of working with individuals physically, but through observation of the clients’ healing, I came to see that recovery was more than just a physical effort. After about three years of jobs and internships in healthcare, I have seen the effects of a holistic approach to healing and am excited to offer that to clients who are interested in therapy at Being.

My experience in healthcare has included volunteering at inpatient clinics that specialized in severe brain injuries, internships at outpatient clinics, and working for my university’s men’s basketball and football teams, as well as scribing for all athlete medical appointments. My experiences in different areas of healthcare that worked with significantly different clientele have allowed me to develop skills working with people of diverse backgrounds and physical/mental states. Also, working as an admin assistant over the last four years has allowed me to acquire skills in administrative work such as scheduling, competency with different computer software, training staff, and overall organization and communication.

Education, Training, License, and Affiliations:

Bachelor of Science, Rasmussen College

Master of Healthcare Administration, Rasmussen College

Bianca Matter

“I think Being does an excellent job taking a holistic approach to healing, and I look forward to helping you on your journey to connect with the therapist that best suits your needs!”

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