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Gun legislation is required

Being supports stricter gun laws. 

That it’s more challenging to get a driver’s license, obtain reproductive help, afford child care, get an education, or make a living wage shows the imbalance in priorities in the United States. Now is the time to refocus on those things that are important, to truly put family first. 

With nearly every other country having more stringent requirements to own a gun, and with all other countries having fewer mass shootings, there is little argument that there is a correlation between strict gun rights and decreased mass shooting rates. 

The consequences of having such lax restrictions are myriad. Not only have we become a nation of grievers, but we are a nation living in fear for the children and marginzalized communities. We are also a nation suffering from some of the highest mental health illnesses on the planet. That we have to grieve on what seems a daily basis, contributes to a demise in our overall health, personally and collectively. 

Now is the time for reform, to make a change, to scream enough is enough. If you want to do something, write you congress-people, your senators, your city council members, and all other public law makers demanding a change. Text PRVLPB to 50409 to join the movement for change.