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Being is proud to announce that 1% of its revenue will now be donated to mental health charities throughout Minnesota, including agencies like NAMI-MN and Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health.

Mental health resources and services have for far too many years been underfunded and undervalued. Yet there has never been a time when so many are in such need as is the case currently. According to some studies of adults and youth in Minnesota, specifically those done by MHA:

— 43% of adults with a mental illness received no treatment. 
— 23% of adults with a mental illness reported that they were not able to receive the treatment they needed. 
— 46.5% of youth with major depression do not receive any mental health treatment.
— Availably of mental health providers has a ratio of 470:1, which puts Minnesota at number 26 nationally. 

The system, which in many ways is better than that of the rest of country, is currently funded through a number of initiatives, like the Minnesota Provider Tax, a tax that medical providers pay on their income to help with MinnesotaCare. However, historically, some of this money has been diverted to other uses, such as the University of Minnesota or the state’s General Fund. 

While 1% of Being’s revenue won’t make up the difference between what’s needed and what’s currently being contributed, it will allow for a direct contribution to services that can directly impact the lives of those in need, specifically services that help those who are suffering with mental illness, both youth and adult.