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Casie Iwata, LICSW

My hope as a therapist is to provide you with a space to be fully seen and valued as an individual with inherent strengths and abilities. I deeply believe in each person’s right to healing and connection, so I work with you to co-create a relationship that allows for compassion, creativity, and humor. My approach in therapy is informed by challenging systems of oppression and honoring our core selves and humanity in the face of stress, past trauma, and injustice. 

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who works primarily with adults. My specialties are trauma work, grief and loss, life transitions, relationship struggles, and identity exploration. I have many years of experience in working with asylum seekers, refugees, and individuals who have experienced identity-based oppression. My training includes Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Polyvagal theory, and Mind-Body modalities; all technical ways of saying, “I work with you as a whole person- mind, body, spirit, and community- to find paths of healing that feel right within you.” 

Education, Training, License, and Affiliations:


Bianca Matter

“I strive to practice from feminist and anti-racist perspectives using liberation theory as a guide. You’ll often hear me frame issues that arise as stemming from unconscious, needed ways that we adapt to move through our environments; while also exploring ways to find more sense of choice and spaciousness in the here-and-now.”

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