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Bryn Kupser

MA, Therapist


Sometimes life sucks and we find ourselves stuck. By looking at the big picture, I help clients get unstuck in order to continue moving through life as they find grace amidst the messy storms that make us human. I believe our struggles do not define us and the battles we are fighting have evolved from our lived experiences, biology, and environment. Therapy is about connecting with another’s humanity on a deep, personal level within a safe and boundaried environment in which we are able to explore what is ailing us. I strive to make therapy a safe and comfortable space in which you feel seen, heard, and believed.

I meet clients where they are at and sit with them in a nonjudgmental, candid manner, and at times include humor to help clients work through mental health struggles. I see college students, adults and those part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

I use an integrative approach, based out of attachment theory, emotion focused, feminist and person-centered approach to provide individualized therapy to foster healing with a social justice framework. Embracing who we are as a whole is crucial to healing and coping with life’s stressors. Therapy is a collaborative effort in getting you to where you need to be in life as you embrace your whole self along the way.

pronouns: she/they


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Bianca Matter

“Therapy, a place of healing, is a relationship between two people, you and me. Like all relationships, it’s based on trust, honesty, and vulnerability. At its best, therapy allows for transformation, healing, and acceptance. It’s a place where you and I work towards freedom from limiting thoughts, freedom to be who you want, and freedom to become who you know you can be.

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