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Alexis Johnson


My approach to therapy is open-minded and non-judgmental. My goal is to build a relationship where clients feel supported, heard, and accepted. This approach includes creating a partnership between therapist and client, where the client determines the focus of therapy and works collaboratively to identify attainable treatment goals.

We have all learned various life skills at different points in our lives. We can explore your reasons for seeking therapy during our work together and identify useful skills that can transfer to everyday life situations. I like to pull from various modalities to use in sessions with clients, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I also enjoy working with clients interested in exploring their inner resources and helping clients explore their spirituality. Accessing spirituality can be a healing process for people with various life stressors and does not have to include religious practices or beliefs.

Education, Training, License, and Affiliations:

Master of Social Work, St. Catherine University

Bianca Matter

“I have experience working with adolescents and older adults. I enjoy seeing human development across the lifespan and supporting clients throughout the changes in their lives. I work with clients living with depression, anxiety, trauma, and those struggling with isolation and other anxiety-related environmental factors due to the recent pandemic. I believe that all client experiences deserve to be honored.”

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