4 Steps To A More Confident You

 This week, as in every week, I notice a theme, something that all clients seem to speak about, in my office. I’m not sure if there’s a particular reason for this. Perhaps the winds of Minnesota bring ideas and thoughts to all who come to my office. More likely is that each week I hear something common among those whom I see. Whatever the reason, I find it useful to think about these things and have decided to share some commonalities that all seem to experience.  The reason for this is that often times we feel isolated in our own thoughts. We assume that no one else feels this way. In a recent study researchers looked at how comparing ourselves to others contributes to feels of depression. Specifically, they looked at Facebook. But before we go further, I’m not saying Facebook causes depression only that it’s a place that can be studied as there are 1.7 billion users world wide. What they found is because people post mostly positive statements and photos about their life, others who view those posts often feel less than or down. But why is this? Why should looking at other’s lives cause us to question our own life AND then feel like we’re lacking? It’s a complicated answer, but one aspect of it is that we lack confidence and self-esteem, at least in some parts of our life. So let’s start at the beginning. In order to feel confident, you must have a solid core. I like to compare this to weight lifting. In order for us to lift weights, or even get up...

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