Individual therapy

Individual therapy, or talk therapy, is the traditional form of therapy most people think of when they talk about therapy. In individual therapy we will work on both developing techniques to gain control of negative thoughts as well as understanding from where those thoughts come. Through addressing the issues through both of these methods, we will treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, eating and weight issues, low self-esteem, trauma, and relationship issues.


Biofeedback is a process used to help learn to control bodily processes such as breathing and heart rate. Using specially designed equipment and learning specific skills, you will learn how to relax your muscles as well as what is called diaphragmatic breathing, otherwise known as belly breathing in order to reduce anxiety, relieve muscle tension, and alleviate stress.


DBT or Dialectical behavior therapy is a form of therapy designed to help change behavior which gets in the way of living a life that is full and meaningful. By learning and using specifically  designed coping skills, you will be able to gain more control over emotions, distress, negative thoughts, and difficult behavior. 


Mindfulness is the simple, but not easy, process of intentionally being in the moment without judgement. Mindfulness has been shown and proven to help with anxiety, depression, stress, negative thoughts, food issues, poor self-esteem, and more.